Liberty choir
Unlocking hearts through song

Liberty choir has made a very positive impact for a number of prisoners within Wandsworth. Both MJ and Ginny are inspirational individuals determined to make a difference with some of society’s most challenging citizens. For prisoners, I have observed a new found confidence, an enhancement of comradeship, with a sense of pride to achieve positive outcomes. What these guys achieve in such a short period of time is truly impressive!!

Kenny Brown, OBE

Former Governor, HMP Wandsworth

 …What’s really exciting about this to me is the idea of the community that is created inside prison being transferred to a community outside the prison. The important thing is that the people who have been released will – through music and singing – be joined together with members of the public, and other ex-prisoners, in an external community which helps them find their way back into society …..and in a way that is probably better then they ever had before. 

David Gilmour


 In prison, choir was a safe haven for me. I joined in September ’15 and it lifted my spirits, I loved it. It was the only thing I looked forward to in there so I encouraged lots of others to come. I’ve been in and out of prison all my life. I lost my mum and my wife so it’s very hard. I contemplated suicide and I have made attempts in the past. Choir gives me a purpose. It’s a circle of perpetual love . 


Ex Prisoner, Wandsworth

The Liberty Choirs were dreamed up by MJ Paranzino, singer, composer and choir director, and her partner, the journalist and writer, Ginny Dougary, more than ten years ago. Their idea was to take MJ’s singers into prisons to create choirs with inmates in a continuous programme of choir singing. The second part of the programme kicks in when the ex-offenders are ready to be released into the community – our hope, which one year on has become a reality, was that former prisoners would feel comfortable joining the community choirs, where they would recognize familiar faces and friends, be part of a community and enjoy a healthy and fun activity.

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We are grateful to all our founding supporters and friends but David Gilmour and Polly Samson have gone above and beyond to help Liberty Choirs – not only financially but with their time and continuous outspoken public support of the programme.

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Major Founding Supporters Polly Samson and David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey

Founding Supporters Ian Hislop, David Suchet CBE and Sheila Suchet, Baroness Kingsmill CBE, Gary Mulgrew. Ed Law, Vicky Bell, family and friends,

Friends Dr Christine Pickard, David Bowen,Sir Nicholas Underhill, Gino Chiappetta, Ravenstone Primary School

Special thanks to Managing Chaplain HMP Wandsworth Tim Bryan and Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, for believing in, and helping us realize, the vision of MJ’s Liberty Choir Programme