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We are grateful to all our founding supporters and friends but David Gilmour and Polly Samson have gone above and beyond to help Liberty Choirs – not only financially but with their time and continuous outspoken public support of the programme. It was Polly’s idea, when David wanted a choir for the single, and title track, of his new solo album – Rattle that Lock – to have the Liberty Choir, with our ex-offender members, be that choir. At every opportunity,since its release, both David and Polly have talked about the initiative, on numerous radio programmes and print interviews, both in the UK and internationally. Without them, this page would not be nearly so full.

Press List – David Gilmour and Liberty Choir

Date Media Outlet What
1 Nov BBC Andrew Marr Show David Gilmour Interview 
27 Sept BBC radio 4 ‘The world this Weekend’ David Gilmour interview
18 Sept The Sun ‘Something For The Weekend’ Cover feature
10 Sept BBC radio 4 ‘Front Row’ Interview with David and Polly with Kirsty Lang
8 September BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Interview and exclusive play of ‘A Boat Lies waiting’
16 Aug BBC World Service Interview with Ginny Dougary and MJ Paranzino from Liberty Choir
29 August The Independent Saturday Magazine David Gilmour self-penned piece about the Liberty Choir
29 August Independent: I David Gilmour self-penned piece about the Liberty Choir
6 Aug The Sun Liberty Choir story
7 Aug Independent: I Liberty Choir Story
7 Aug The Times Liberty Choir Story
6 Aug Daily Mail Liberty Choir Story
6 Aug BBC Online Liberty Choir Story with David Gilmour 
12 August Classic Rock Feature Interview with David Gilmour 

TV, online and radio

David Gilmour on the Andrew Marr show on 01/11/15

Interview with MJ Paranzino and Ginny Dougary about the Liberty Choir 16/08/15

Video of ‘Rattle that lock’ by David Gilmour featuring the Liberty choir

David Gilmour talks about recording ‘Rattle that lock’ with the Liberty Choir


The Sun Feature on David Gilmour and Liberty Choir 18/09/15

…After his stint, Charlie (Gilmour) returned to Wandsworth and became aware of the Liberty Choir, a mix of prisoners and community singers run by two inspirational woman, vocal coach MJ Paranzino and writer Ginny Dougary.

He persuaded Gilmour and mum Polly Samson, the Pink Floyd guitarist’s wife of more than 20 years, that it would be truly worthwhile to support the singers.

One thing led to another and now the Liberty Choir appear on the life-affirming title track of Gilmour’s fourth solo album and both he and Polly have become patrons.

You hear the voices rising as one as the choir belts out the chorus: “Rattle that lock, lose those chains!” 

The Sun

Feature, 18/09/15

The Independent  Saturday magazine feature by David Gilmour about the Liberty Choir 29/08/15

…earlier this month, I found myself in Wandsworth again, singing Vivaldi’s “Gloria” in a modest-sized room with 20 prisoners. This time around, it was an uplifting and inspiring performance. My wife (Samson, the writer) and I were there as supporters of the Liberty Choir, directed by an amazing Italian-American woman, MJ Paranzino.

..singing in a choir gives you that sense of elation, and learning about harmony is a powerful and potentially transformational tool. What I really like about this programme is that the prisoners are exposed to a different community of people within the prison and when they come out – and this dual aspect of it is the brilliant thing – they are encourage to join MJ’s choirs in the external community. The Liberty Choir doesn’t just give prisoners a voice; it offers them a community, too.

David Gilmour

The Independent

We knew MJ was a powerhouse from our first meeting with her but seeing her in action was a transformative experience. It was a big group – about 150 people in the room – and it was inspiring, fantastic actually – to see the kind but firm way that MJ dealt with them. She got the other members of the choir to support the ex-prisoners in the group, and the singing was both moving and surprisingly skillful. The repertoire was mixed, as it was in the prison, but also ambitious. Polly found it hard to believe my enthusiasm. It almost made her laugh – both the thought of me taking part and the fact that I really want to do it again.

During the break we had a meeting with the Liberty Choir members – both the volunteers and the ex-offenders – to talk about the recording. I was very struck by the enthusiasm of the ex-prisoners. The choir was obviously something that was very good for them, helping to bring them into contact with different people and a different sort of life, in a positive way.

David Gilmour

The Independent

The Times 07/08/15

The Independent 07/08/15

The Sun 06/08/15

The Independent 28/09/15

The Daily Mail 06/08/15

A big thank-you to Claire Singers and Doug Wright of LD Communications and, as ever, to David Gilmour and Polly Samson.