Liberty choir
Unlocking hearts through song

Who we are

MJ Paranzino

MJ Paranzino is the director of four choirs –  Brighton City Singers, South London ChoirWest London Choir, and Hastings Town Singers. She is also an entertainer, composer and arranger who has been leading vocal workshops in the UK and the USA for twenty years. Her voice students include big pop names, as well as chief executives and singers who are serious about improving their projection and range. She is passionate about singing and how it is a force for all that is positive in life.

MJ’s Choirs are non-auditioning choirs, with over 300 members. The choirs sing all styles of music, from Mozart, gospel to Rock. Over the past 13 years, the members have organised a programme of community outreach concerts, raising over £25,000 for charities.


Ginny Dougary

Ginny Dougary is an award – winning journalist best known for her interviews with the great and the good. She worked for The Times for several decades, until recently, and her work has appeared all over the world. She now writes freelance for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Her role is to develop and extend the Liberty Choir programme, lobby, publicise, create opportunities and be an advocate for the prisoners and the Liberty Choirs.


Volunteers are drawn from MJ’s four choirs and they currently commit to eight week programmes at Wandsworth prison.

“I can’t think of any prisoner I met who wasn’t getting something important from singing in the choir in terms of their rehabilitation. They told me they really looked forward to the experience of singing, meeting and chatting to a range of different people from the community on a weekly basis. Seeing the men get up and perform in 3 different concerts was just fantastic and they told us that this shared experience made a big difference to how they related to each other on their wings.”